Injap Tower Hotel - AMENITIES

  • Gym

Even as you travel, you can stay fit and healthy by engaging in an energizing work out using Injap Tower Hotel's gym facilities, located at the 5th Floor.

  • Pool

Take a plunge and beat the heat. Have a refreshed morning or fall into deep sleep of tranquility after a reinvigorating night swim.

  • Spa

Our spa, Spa Circle, offers relaxing massages and other services. Refresh from a busy schedule. Relax and let your mind, body and soul rest. Revive and be composed for a brighter day ahead.

  • Horizon Cafe

Enjoy buffet breakfast, and a la carte lunch or dinner at The Horizon Café located at the 21st floor of Injap Tower Hotel. The Café offers all day dining options coupled with a scenic view of Iloilo City. Be enthralled with the skyline and have a remarkable dining experience with friends, families, and loved ones. The Horizon Café is the perfect place to celebrate and relish life’s goodness Dine like sky’s the limit.

  • Helipad

Injap Tower Hotel has a helipad on the top-most floor. Use of the helipad is subject to the management's approval and a use fee.

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